The Royal Corps of Signals Rugby Football Club is proud to be sponsored by

The Club encompasses all facets of Rugby from across the Corps, including Union, League, Ladies, 7s and 10s. The Committee has been restructured in order to reflect this wide remit and now represents a solid foundation from which we will look to spread participation across the Corps and build for future success.

Corps level rugby has grown in strength and quality over recent years and the Royal Corps of Signals have been constantly battling with heavy operational commitments, and the associated need for extensive specialist training and training support for operations and contingency, whilst being forced to reduce our numbers in line with Army restructuring. Against this backdrop, we must not turn our backs on sporting endeavor and we must remember the importance of sport to the social and physical well being of our soldiers and officers. It was George Orwell who, in 1941, with war waging and Britain contemplating a grim future, wrote: “Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play; it is bound up with hatred and jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all the rules and sadistic pleasure in unnecessary violence. In other words it is war minus the shooting.”

To paraphrase Brendan Gallagher, who reviewed an exhibit called “The Greater Game” at the Imperial War Museum (North) in 2004, “sportsmen make great soldiers because they are generally fit, courageous, aggressive, skilled, self-sacrificing and disciplined. What Orwell overlooked is that most sportsmen bring a generosity of spirit, dignity and integrity to everything they do, including going to war. With few exceptions, they behave better on the sporting field than the rest of mankind do in their everyday lives and over the years they have taken those qualities into the battlefield. They raise the bar, especially when the going gets tough.” He describes Orwell as “a solitary, introvert man who had no concept of teamwork and no comprehension of the passion which motivates sportsmen and women,” and it is essential that our hierarchy across the Corps and the Army does not fall into this trap of devaluing the true value of sport in a time of war

Rugby requires dedication, time and practice to master as a team. The continued support of all players and their chain of command is both vital and greatly appreciated. With strong

representation at the junior Army Rugby Union levels, in Ladies Rugby Union and in Army Rugby League, we are in a solid position to expand and develop. To adjust to our growing commitments we have reviewed our fixtures and relocated to Blandford in order to bring Rugby back to the home of the Corps. We have also taken measures to reinstate unit level rugby across the Corps with a variety of Competitions.

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